Frankie is great. I have seen at least a dozen massage therapists and I often feel like the massage is protocol that the therapist performs on everybody. My time with Frankie was not like this at all. Her massage was intuitive and full of intention. She worked on the areas of pain and more importantly worked to find other dysfunctions that could be causing my symptoms. Her energy is very calm, positive and supportive. I would definitely recommend her to others.
— Jason H. - Chiropractor


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I have been an Ironman triathlete for over 30 years. No question, a lot of abuse to my body. Over all this time, I have seen many massage therapists. My most recent regular practitioner moved to Portland last year and i have tried over a dozen other therapists as a replacement.
I was very impressed by Frankie at my first visit today. A good listener. Excellent knowledge of my problem areas and very effective skills to resolve them.
I have not felt this good for several months.
I am going back!
— Ed W. - Ironman Medalist

Frankie is at a new location at the Saturn building in Fremont and it’s fantastic!
— Bella - Esthetician

I suffer from TMJ disorder as well as carpal tunnel syndrome. I’ve seen several massage therapists over the past ten years, and Frankie is by far the best. She is so skilled, and intuitively knows the right depth/pressure to achieve the most relief. She is a careful and good listener, and always offers suggestions for exercises or stretches or other ways to help the pain outside the massage room. With Frankie, you are literally in the best hands!
— Candy S.

I used to visit Frankie for deep tissue, therapeutic massage when I lived in the Seattle area. Now, after moving away, I have been on a constant search for another practitioner that works on me the way that she did. She works the body while you are at the office and offers suggestions for self healing while you are away. I would definitely return!
— Julie - Guide at the Grand Canyon, Mother & Sometimes Office Jockey

Received a gift certificate for christmas and finally was able to make time for my massage. Should have gone sooner. Frankie was great, completely pro and did a great job. My massage was just for relaxation and I was very relaxed when she finished. Great work and will return. 5 stars
— Randy B.
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The lingering fragrance of eucalyptus reminds me that I was transported to another place. Experiencing the dynamic range of pressure from Frankie s skillful hands imparts both healing and relaxing feelings to my being. She is excellent at her craft.
— Robert - Engineer

I received a gift certificate for a massage with Frankie which I had last week. She was wonderful and so was the massage! I’d second what everyone else has said about her being skillful/excellent at her craft . She gave me exercises to address muscle imbalance and tension so I can continue to work on my own. She’s also really strong and I enjoyed my time on her table! I’ll be back soon!
— Melissa M.