”I believe that massage is a powerful hands-on health medicine that can prevent most corporeal ailments. It is with this philosophy, my therapy sessions strategically utilize an integration of techniques that engage parasympathetic healing.”

Frankie is a graduate of The Center for Massage and Natural Health in Asheville, North Carolina.  Frankie's passion for medicine began while working as a field guide for young adults seeking healing.   Utilizing wilderness as medicine to heal mental, emotional and psychological trauma opened up many new doors to the variations and possibilities of medicine.  She spent her past ten years working in both the backcountry and front country as a Wilderness  Emergency Medical Technician, Instructor for Wilderness First Responder/ EMT courses, a Massage Therapist and volunteer street medic.  

Frankie enjoys treating sports injury, depression, insomnia and digestive issues as well as chronic pain.  She offers pre & post natal care for women as they navigate their way through changes in the body, mind and spirit and is certified in Intraoral massage for relief of Tempro-Mandibular Joint Disfunction (TMJD), providing deep relaxation and relief to tension held in the face, neck and jaw.

In her spare time she studies herbal medicine, does woodcraft, enjoys reading Italo Calvino, Ray Bradbury and nonfiction reference books. She likes to play in the mountain forests, enjoys bicycling, film photography, and drinking Earl Grey tea. 

Glacier View Wilderness, Paradise side of Mount Tahoma

Glacier View Wilderness, Paradise side of Mount Tahoma